How much are your cookies?

$140 for our Core Collection
$160 for Premium/Limited Collections.

It might sound like a lot, but we’re talking about a dozen artisan cookies so gorgeous you’ll want to frame them and so delicious you’ll want to jump in a time-machine to experience it all over again. And, don’t get us started on the beautiful black majestic box that houses them...

How do I order?

First, you’re going to burn three bushels of sage whilst sacrificing a small to medium-sized goat... Nah, just follow these steps:

Head to our homepage or press the glowing link in our IG bio.
Join our list for drop notifications by clicking "Notify Me" and entering your email address.
Don’t take your eyes off your inbox (cookies drop weekly).
Before each drop, you'll receive an email with the drop time.
Remember that time like it’s your lover’s birthday.
Once it’s time, hop onto lastcrumb.com – refresh the page if you got on early.
Checkout (Use Apple or Google Pay if you don't want to miss out).
After that, you will be rewarded exclusive access to future drops for all of your efforts.

When do you drop?

We bake fresh batches of cookies that are available on lastcrumb.com every week. If you’re new here, get on the list for updates on when our next drop will go live (it’s typically Monday at 12pm PST but you never know what weird holiday the government will come up with next).

Can I choose my flavors?

Each collection is a tasting experience tailored for those with exquisite and ambitious taste and currently, we only offer our Collections as is! While we don’t offer custom boxes at the moment, we hope to do so in the future. Stay tuned!

Can I add a gift message?

Whether you’re sending a happy belated birthday message to a family member or raw late-night poetry to a lover – we have the gift note for you. Just make sure you submit in the cart before checkout and we'll make sure there's a note for your lucky recipient included with your box.

I have a nut allergy, can I still eat your cookies?

We bake all of our cookies in an open kitchen on shared equipment. All of which process wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. While we do our best to prevent cross contamination, we cannot completely eliminate the risk. We know how serious allergies are and we care about your safety, so we want to be transparent. If you or the recipient has a severe allergy we recommend consulting with your doctor for further guidance before consuming.

What’s the nutritional info for each cookie?

You can see nutritional information for each cookie here

What’s the shelf life of these cookies?

Two weeks – they’re not packed to the brim with preservatives. With that said, due to our wildly advanced packaging technology, they remain at peak freshness for up to two weeks before starting to stale. If you think it’ll take longer than 2 weeks to consume, we recommend sticking them in the freezer as soon as you receive them. Freezing can keep them fresh for up to a month!

My cookies arrived soft/melted. What do I do?

In two words: just chill. The world isn’t coming to an end over soft baked cookies being… you know… soft. Sometimes, if it’s a bit warmer than usual outside or in the delivery truck the chocolate or butter can melt and make the cookie gooey-er than intended. For the best experience, we recommend placing the warmed cookies in the fridge to let these handsome fellas chill.

If you experience any major issues, snap some photos and send them over to our team at hello@lastcrumb.com and they’ll do their best to help!

How long does it take to receive my order after it’s placed?

Cookies are baked fresh each week! It typically takes 1-3 business days for us to prep, bake, and ship your order out. Transit time depends on the shipping option you choose at checkout. Standard shipping typically takes 1-2 business days and overnight shipping is unmistakably… overnight.

Do you ship internationally?

We only ship within the United States... One time we had to send a box to the Bermuda Triangle and it was a complete travesty. So, we said screw it and now we’re just sticking to the states. In all seriousness, we hope to expand to other parts of the planet soon.

HELP! My order is delayed!

If your order is slightly delayed by the carrier but is still arriving within the chosen delivery time frame, please allow for it to make its journey to you. The unexpected sometimes happens. Carrier delays are normal. Natural disasters are natural. Flat tires that leave your delivery driver hitchhiking in the desert without any cell service to update your tracking info – are flat.

If it seems as though it will arrive later than the delivery time frame, please shoot over a message to hello@lastcrumb.com and we’ll look into this further for you!

My tracking info says delivered, but I didn’t receive it!

Technology isn’t human proof. Think about it, if your grandma got a job delivering packages there’d be some serious tracking errors. Sometimes packages are marked “delivered” prematurely or are misplaced at a neighbor’s house or similar address. Make sure to check in with the Customer Service Crumb at hello@lastcrumb.com if your package doesn’t arrive or your sneaky neighbors don’t admit to taking your cookies.

What’s your return/exchange/refund policy?

Due to the perishable nature of our cookies, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If you have experienced issues with your order, please reach out to hello@lastcrumb.com and we’ll do our best to help!

Can I purchase multiple boxes for corporate gifting?

The answer is yes. We want everyone, even Stanley, the professional cubicle camper, to experience Last Crumb. If you’re looking to place an order of 5 or more, head here, fill out the form, and our team will get back to you!

What is a drop?

Traditionally, a drop is a way for streetwear and sneaker designers to release a limited run of items. Here at Last Crumb, we bake a limited run of cookies every week to ensure each batch is baked fresh and has the attention it deserves. That’s why our cookies are sold in drops.

Is it Desert or Dessert?

It’s a cookie so damn good, your grandmother will disown you. Come on Boomer, if you don’t know the slight difference between two words just type one of them into iMessage and see what emojis pop up 🏜️🐫🌵