"Super premium cookies with fun and creative flavors made by a cookie chef who is strict about quality and uses the best ingredients, and they are delivered with luxe packaging you’ll want to show off.”

"I had to start with Better Than Sex...With a name like that, it has to be orgasmic, right? Ohhh, yes. It was soft and flaky, especially in the middle, with three types of melty chocolate. The sprinkle of Maldon salt on the top balanced out the almost fudge-like sweetness and buttery flavor.”

"Last Crumb’s cookies are so damn good, and quite literally like no cookie you’ve ever seen before. Forget that wimpy, sparingly chocolate-chipped Subway cookie (though there’s a right time and place for those) – the Last Crumb bakes are at least three times thicker, and lightyears softer."


When you post our cookies on Instagram, you might get some weird DMs from the one you went on a date with last summer who pretended to genuinely enjoy running 5Ks on holidays. People will envy you if you post us.

indulge in the world of handcrafted freshly baked cookies

You should never settle for anything less than cookies molded from the hands of our Head Baker. Know your worth.