Weekly Food Blog Favorites

A few of our favorite food posts from around the web:

June 2010

Some of these have been around a while, but they’re too good not to share!

~ Looking for the best waffle recipe(s) ever? Molly did the research for us all, over at Orangette.

~ My vote for most charming and intriguing rhubarb recipe of the season.

~ Perfectly simple: homemade udon.

April 26 – June 2, 2009

~ Twenty minute tart dough -really! From David Lebovitz, of course . . .

June 8 – June 14

An addictive food quiz from Sam of Becks & Posh.  I scored $3500, how about you?

June 1 – June 7

~ Anita, of Married . . . with dinner, posts a delicious lemon curd in honor of Bri, who is courageously battling cancer.

~ Loquat Creme Brulee Tarte from Tartelette. Enough said.

~ As delicious as they are beautiful: grilled poblano and summer squash tacos from MattBites.

~ This one’s a few weeks old, but I missed it (it’s hard work keeping up!). Steve of Rahcho Gordo (our absolute favorite grower?), about lessons learned from the garden.

May 25 – May 31

~ Adam Roberts, of The Amateur Gourmet, discusses the dress code in No Jacket Required.

~ Love and polenta, two great mysteries on Tea & Cookies.

~ Not just for dessert: Cauliflower Panna Cotta courtesy of Sarah on Food and Paper.

~ Writing, running, tea. On cucina nicolina.

~ A Night at the Opera with Susan from Wild Yeast.

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