My Favorite Homemade Pozole

We returned to San Francisco from Oaxaca, Mexico late Monday night expecting that my brother would have posted at least once, but it seems this poor site has gone unloved for the whole of our vacation. Well, here is the remedy: my favorite pozole recipe. There is a little pozole restaurant in Oaxaca that used […]

Menu for an Autumn Celebration: Formal Dinner for 15

Here it finally is – a write up, complete with links, photos, and recipes from the dinner party, nearly two weeks ago.  I’m hoping this will mark the beginning of a marvelously dedicated regime of regular posts! It occurred to me, after I began shopping for the menu, that the dishes I’d selected for our […]

Calabacines with Lemon, Mint, and Garlic

Vegetable haters. They’re all around us. People who’ve had the misfortune of being raised on mushy, canned or frozen things like peas and carrots. People who’s idea of a salad involves nothing more than a pile of wilted iceberg lettuce with some Wish-bone dressing slopped on top. People who’ve never tasted a home grown tomato […]