Pre-Temperance Maraschino Cherries

I know, I know, all I ever talk about any more is cherries, but isn’t it comforting to know that despite all the changes life can throw at you, some things remain constant? One such thing being cherry season which always comes around this time of year without fail. I specifically get excited about sour […]

Wedding Cake

Well, hello.  It’s been a while, I know, but just wait, I have some great new recipes for you.  I can hardly believe that I got married a year ago this May, but between work, teaching, and finishing up coursework for my MFA, time has been flying by.  In honor of our anniversary, I want […]

Sour Cherry Pickin’ Los Angeles Style

Sometimes life is like a bowl of sour cherries… but I’m not complaining! Yes you heard me right, sour (tart) cherries are now ripe and ready for picking in the Leona Valley (just North of Los Angeles, CA near Palmdale).  SOUR cherries?? you’re probably thinking, why would I want those?  Because, let me tell you […]

Kona Inn Banana Bread

I can’t tell you much about the Kona Inn, but if you’re craving some delicious banana bread I promise this recipe will bring you satisfaction. When Stepmother left me and my sister as young adults she knew we would be left craving some of the fine baked goodies we were brought up on so she […]

Pleasure, or Homemade Chocolate

Oh, dear reader, I know the signs. A blog in its last death-throes. The “sorry”s and “back soon”s and promises of reform, the ever decreasing posts. I recognize the symptoms, and I’ll admit it’s not easy to keep alive these little homes we carve out of thin air. But this one’s not going away. Just […]