Menu for an Autumn Celebration: Formal Dinner for 15

Here it finally is – a write up, complete with links, photos, and recipes from the dinner party, nearly two weeks ago.  I’m hoping this will mark the beginning of a marvelously dedicated regime of regular posts! It occurred to me, after I began shopping for the menu, that the dishes I’d selected for our […]

Peter Lowell’s Restaurant in Sebastopol

So far, we’ve not done any restaurant reviews on this site. Certainly we like restaurants. We eat at all sorts of interesting places and enjoy them. But the truth is, we enjoy the challenge and adventure of kitchen projects even more than we like writing about things like service and sauces. And eating out is […]

Traditional Pesto Sauce, and a little Food for Thought

Many people may not realize it, but the word pesto literally means: to pound or to crush, in Italian. It seems obvious when you think of similar sounding words like mortar and PESTLE, but for some reason, until recently, I never made the connection. Homemade pesto sauce was almost a weekly tradition for me and […]