Local Quinces In Season



I would like to remind everyone that Fall is officially here in California and the quince fruit is now in season and available at your local farmer’s markets. Early in July I wrote about my first attempt at making jam. It was quince jam, and it turned out to be delicious! You can view that previous post here if you’re interested. There’s no more jam left now and everyone I gave it away to loved it and wants more. It’s time to make another batch, and what better time than right now when fresh local quinces are in season. The quinces I found back in July at a local Asian market had been imported all the way from Chile, and though not bad, were nothing like the beautiful ones pictured here at top and bottom.



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  1. I actually bought some quinces at the Long Beach Farmer’s Market on Sunday because I had never seen them before (I had seen reference to them in some cook books). Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. What do they taste like?

  2. ha! i must brag: that I guessed the fruit correctly on tastespotting before clicking over! quinces. they are SO lovely baked. :)

  3. I guessed these on Tastespotting too… my Mom used to make jams with these too… YUM!

  4. Matt- The taste of a quince is hard to describe. They are related to the apple, but are much harder, a bit more acrid, and must be cooked before eating. They smell almost like roses, and after slow cooking have a delicious fruity flavor. You’ll just have to try making the jam!

  5. Matt,
    We’ve also made apple/quince sauce at our house – it turns out delicious, with a lovely pink color.

  6. Of course they’re quinces. Now, I posted about flowering quinces on my blog last month, and so many readers confused them for quinces, which are flowering. (All wrong, as they’re totally different fruit, although related, just like apples and quinces are:)

  7. Hello ! Does anybody know when and/or where I could find quinces in Oklahoma – Tulsa ?

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